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List of Available Lectures

HOOK UP CULTURE (click here for more)

  • The New Culture of Sex on Campus
  • On the Margins of Hookup Culture: Student Diversity and Sex on Campus
  • Hook Up Culture: To the Best of Our Knowledge (especially for staff and administrators)

THE VALUE OF FRIENDSHIP (click here for more)

  • A Feminist Defense of Friendship

INEQUALITY AND THE BODY (click here for more)

  • Biology and the Gender Binary: The Surprising New Science of Sex Difference
  • The Emancipatory Promise of the Habitus: The Body and Progressive Social Change

SEXUALITIES (click here for more)

  • Exploring the Rainbow: Genders and Sexualities across Culture and Time

PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY (click here for more)

  • The Power of Public Sociology (for undergraduates)
  • Doing Public Sociology: Notes from a Practitioner (for social scientists)
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