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Visit New Orleans

I work in Los Angeles, but I live in New Orleans.

It’s a city that has suffered so much pain and deprivation, so much poverty and corruption—so much evil really, being a hub of the slave trade—that its culture has had to put a premium on the pleasures of life that cannot be taken away. The pleasure of a cool breeze on a hot day, the pleasure of food and drink, the pleasure of horns playing music—the way they rattle your neurons. No matter how poor you are, your tongue still tastes and booze still makes you feel woozy. Those pleasures are the only real pleasures in life. Everything else is just invented and imposed upon us.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in this extraordinary city, here are some ideas of what to eat, drink, hear, and do in the French Quarter, Treme, Bywater, and Marigny neighborhoods.

affordable breakfast/brunch      

affordable lunch/dinner          

fancier meals


music venues

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