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January 1, 2019

fence - rect - close.jpgLisa Wade is an associate professor of sociology at Occidental College. Before receiving her PhD in sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lisa earned an MA in human sexuality from NYU and a BA in philosophy from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

As a public-facing scholar, she is engaged in rigorous research, while also working to make her and others’ scholarship engaging to a public audience. She specializes, in other words, in being as comfortable “in the weeds” as she is “in the clouds.” Her newest book, American Hookup, is about the emergence and character of the culture of sex that dominates college campuses today. You can read excerpts at TIME and The Guardian and inquire about speaking here.

Lisa has authored two dozen academic research articles and book chapters , she co-edited the anthology Assigned: Life with Gender, and co-wrote a sociology of gender textbook, now in its 2nd edition. A solo-authored introduction to sociology is forthcoming, tentatively titled Terrible. Magnificent. Sociology. Lisa also founded and, for ten years, was the principle writer for the award-winning website Sociological Images. She contributes actively to media, writing extensively for non-academic audiences and appearing on television and radio.

Please see her full curriculum vitae for more. And for tips on how to enjoy the great city of New Orleans, click here..

Contact Information:


Lisa Wade, PhD
Department of Sociology
Occidental College
1600 Campus Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041


Photo credit: Babs Evangelista.