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American Hookup

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Rising above misinformation and moralizing, Lisa Wade offers the definitive account of the new sexual culture on campus.

American Hookup situates hookup culture within the history of sexuality, the evolution of higher education, and the unfinished feminist revolution. With new research, Wade maps out a punishing emotional landscape marked by unequal pleasures, competition for status, and sexual violence. She discovers that privileged students tend to enjoy it the most, and considers its effects on racial and sexual minorities, students who “opt out,” and those who participate ambivalently.

Accessible and open-minded, compassionate and brutally honest, American Hookup explains where we are and how we got here, asking not “How do we go back?” but “Where do we go from here?”.

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Praise for American Hookup:

“An eye-opening, conversation-starting examination of sex on the American college campus.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This book is not only excellent; it’s necessary.”

Michael Kimmel, author of Guyland

“…emotional sensitivity and impressive narrative flare…”


“…put her on your revolution reading list.”


“…extraordinary and important…”

Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes

“…reframes the conversation about casual sex on college campuses…”

– Publishers Weekly

“…the best book about sex on campus, bar none.”

Eric Klinenberg, author of Modern Romance

“…a delightful writer with a wonderfully companionable voice on the page, as well as a diligent scholar.”

Octavia Bookstore

“…a welcome wake-up call to the nation.”

Arlie Hochschild, author of Strangers in Their Own Land

“…her findings on the harrowing effects of ‘hookup culture’ will take your breath away.”

– Center for Public Theology

“…excellent analysis of the benefits, challenges, influences, and impact of hookup culture…”


“…intelligent, sympathetic, and unflinching…”

Cordelia Fine, author of Delusions of Gender

“…a strong race and class analysis… connecting a lot of dots… between history and economics and sexual mores.”


“…an up-close and personal portrait…”

– Paula England, the Online College Social Life Survey

“…takeaways about how to make the culture of hooking up kinder and more compassionate are well supported and important.”

– Bookpage

“…she didn’t use the word ‘diddling’ even once!”

– Grandpa

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