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3e - high resGender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions

with Myra Marx Ferree

A lively exploration of current questions of gender and their application to students today, with a focus on understanding gender as a deeply intersectional phenomenon. Probing questions, the same ones that students often bring to the course, frame readable chapters that are packed with the most up-to-date scholarship available. All in language students will understand. The authors use memorable examples mined from pop culture, history, psychology, biology, and everyday life to truly engage students in the study of gender with the aim of sparking interest in sociological perspectives.


TSP_Assigned_pbk_978-0-393-28445-4Assigned: Life with Gender

With contributions from leading scholars and a provocative collection of discussion topics and group activities, this innovative series provides an accessible and affordable entry point for strong sociological perspectives on topics of immediate social import and public relevance. Together, the essays in this book present a revealing picture of gender in the United States today: socially constructed, sometimes fun but almost always problematic, fluid but forced into binaries, deeply ingrained but often misunderstood.

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