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Praise for Lisa Wade’s Public Lectures

“Lisa Wade is a hip sociologist who can reach students in a way that few adults can. She gets what today’s students are going through, cares about them and through her studies is trying to make their world a better place.”

— Harvey Kliman, MD, PhD (Yale University)

“An absorbing and visually dynamic presentation of contemporary social issues. Dr. Lisa Wade translates rigorous scientific research into a profoundly compelling and fun experience. This is social science for the next generation! I’ve never laughed that hard or felt so moved by a presentation — Dr. Wade will reignite your passion for learning.”

— Amy Denissen, PhD (Professor of Sociology, California State University-Northridge)

“Her talk really made me realize that my interests and dreams for the future are achievable and all I need to do is just get out there and try!”

— Marissa Vakiner (undergraduate, University of Nebraska-Omaha)

“Lisa was an extremely engaging and approachable speaker. Her presentation was visually appealing and dynamic lending to a very enthused audience. Lisa was very current in her material and able to flawlessly answer audience questions, tailoring her talk to the needs of those around her. Her passion for the topic was evident and ignited interest in students and staff who attended her presentation.”

— Mary Walsh BNSc., RN., MA., CCC (Outreach Counsellor, Queen’s University)

“It was truly an honor to have Dr. Wade as our distinguished speaker for our AKD banquet day… She skillfully mixed humor, gravity, and positivity to deliver an inspirational speech regarding what it means to be a sociologist. Moreover, Dr. Wade is just a great person and a joy to be around. She is a model sociologist and she makes those she meets want to do more. In sum, she’s awesome.”

— William LeSuer, MA (AKD Mu Chapter Co-President, University of Akron)

“Lisa is a passionate, likable, articulate speaker who takes on an important and, dare I say, sexy topic: fighting for the liberation of men and women against gender stereotypes and media manipulation.”

— Greg M. Epstein (Humanist Chaplain, Harvard University)


— @k_elseyrisman, graduate student at University of Akron

“Lisa Wade is a truly captivating speaker! One might think that students attend her lecture on ‘Hook-Up Culture’ because of the topic, but students are continuously engaged, ask questions, and stay until the end to talk to her because of how nuanced her arguments are, how relatable to their lives it is, and how empowered she makes makes them feel.”

— Ana Prata, PhD (Professor of Sociology, California State University-Northridge)

“I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Wade speak at Harvard and throughout her lecture I was awed by her unique, relevant and highly academic research. Most of all, I was awed by her ability make this information palatable to diverse audiences. Watching Dr. Wade share her powerful message with her humor, thoughtfulness, passion and sincerity was truly a delight.”

— Ben Privot (Founder, The Consensual Project)

“…Lisa Wade really connected with her audience and inspired a great deal of thought among students.  A year later students are still talking about Dr. Wade and the issues that she discussed.  I hope to bring her back to the college soon!”

— Caroline Faulkner, PhD (Professor of Sociology, Franklin & Marshall College)

“Dr. Wade helped students understand ‘hook-up culture’ by contrasting our perception of casual sex in college with our actual sex practices and desires. By revealing this pluralistic ignorance and showing how often the dominant social script in sex fails to speak for many students, Dr. Wade hugely aided Sex Week’s goals of improving campus self-reflection, communication between peers, and individual satisfaction.”

— Paul Holmes (student, Yale University)

“We invited Lisa Wade to Harvard’s first annual Sex Week because we were impressed with her scholarly, thoughtful and relevant take on college students’ lives and their new social challenges. Her discussions on hook-up culture and how a consumer-driven culture can have negative effects on how we feel about our bodies, our sexual selves and our identities were compelling and very well received by our students. We look forward to having her back.”

— Jyoti M. Daniere, LCMHC (Education Specialist, Sexual Assault Prevention & Response, Harvard University)

“Lisa Wade’s presentation was stimulating, informative, and thought-provoking—everything you want a guest speaker to be. Her mix of humor and research drew in the audience and kept them talking for weeks after.”

– Jennifer Smith, PhD (Professor of Sociology, Pacific Lutheran University)

“Adorable animals soften the uncomfortable truths Dr. Wade shares about how my generation forms platonic attachments. I left with both a general sense of urgency and an acute desire to cook dinner for my guy friends.”

— Paul Holmes (student, Yale University)

Dr. Wade’s talk was very engaging! She took a balanced look at the issue of college student hook-up culture. Her non-judgemental approach appealed to a wide audience ranging from traditional college students to parents, faculty and community members. She was very knowledgeable on the topic and willing to answer a multitude of questions from audience members. I’d encourage you to invite her to your campus to stimulate open and frank discussions about college students and sexuality!

— Kari Jo Grant (Health Education Programs Coordinator, Dartmouth University)


— @tgsokolov, Harvard University student

Dr. Wade’s lecture was extremely useful, informative, and applicable to clinical work. Dr. Wade was knowledgeable, confident, well spoken and extremely interactive with class participants. This was one of the best lectures in our lecture series on Human Sexuality, Sex Education and Sex Therapy, and I look forward to her presentations for my course in the future.

— Walter E. Brackelmanns, M.D. (Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA)

As the Coordinator for the Human Sexuality, Sex Education & Sex Therapy course at UCLA, I am absolutely delighted to include Dr. Lisa Wade as a guest lecturer. Her information was contemporary, interesting and the participants will be able to use what they learned in her lecture in their clinical work. Dr. Wade was very interactive with the students and delivered her material with professionalism, poise and confidence. I look forward to her lecture in our course in the coming years.

— Wendy Cherry, Psy.D. (Director, American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists)

“Dr. Wade is a dynamic, informed presenter. The audience was engaged and challenged to reflect on their own lives and perspectives in critical ways. Her presentations teach, entertain, and engage.”

— Teresa Ciabattari, PhD (Professor of Sociology, Pacific Lutheran University)

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